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Welcome to the Palante Technology Cooperative commons.

As part of our commitment to transparency and open source principles, we try to make our internal documentation available publicly. We hope that this assists others who may be starting their own cooperatives, looking for best practices on web development, and more.

To contact us: You can reach us by phone or e-mail from here:


Unless otherwise specified, all material with in the URL is licensed to you under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Cooperative documents

Bylaws - This document is licensed under a CC-0 license.
Certificate of Incorporation - This document is licensed under a CC-0 license.
Conflict Resolution Sheet template
Grievance Policy
Worker Evaluation Questionnaire
Accountability Process
On Call Troubleshooting

User documentation

How to set up Microsoft 365
How to Enable Private Browsing
Choosing a webhost
Using Outlook Web App
PDF to Image Using PDFcreator
Introduction to ownCloud
Introduction to ownCloud - in-house
Introduction to ownCloud desktop - in-house
ownCloud Administration
Introduction to ownCloud - NDWA
Introducción a ownCloud
Installing the Desktop client -NDWA
Shared Drop
K9 Setup
Intro to G Suite - Borealis
Tech client move checklist

Technical Documentation

Setting up a new site
Development environment
Debian 8 to 9
Resending lost messages to Redmine
IBackup for linux
Owncloud cli cheatsheet
ResourceSpace Installation
Unhacking a WordPress site
Windows 10 Wake On Lan fixes
MySQL and Apache Tuning
Borg backups
Common Problems
101 Uses for Curl - WIP

Drupal, Backdrop and Web


CiviCRM user story examples
Prefix/Suffix Mapping
CiviCRM Kettle Transforms
CiviCRM Monitoring Troubleshooting


Mapping Solutions
Basic Mapping Documentation
Mapping Polygons and Countries
Custom Mapping Style

Contract Changelogs

The current versions of each of these contracts are available at the bottom of this page in PDF format.

Maintenance plan changelog - This document is licensed under a CC-0 license.
General support changelog - This document is licensed under a CC-0 license.
IT Managed Service changelog - This document is licensed under a CC-0 license.
ADAP Hosting Plan changelog - This document is licensed under a CC-0 license.

Support Contracts

The documents below are licensed under a CC-0 license.

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