Tech client move checklist

Questions to answer as far in advance as possible while assessing potential new spaces

  • Do you plan on adding staff? Will the current tech infrastructure support that expansion?
  • What existing equipment needs to move and how? This includes printers, computers, server, phones, WAPs, monitors, switches etc. Is there space for it in the new office? If there's a server, is there a ventilated area or mounting rack for it?
  • Is there a need for additional equipment-- switches, wireless access points, patch panel, computers etc. Where will that go? How big is the space and will the current number of WAPs provide sufficient wifi strength?
  • Are there enough outlets and ethernet drops in the space? Is there need for additional wiring?
  • Can you keep the same ISP or will you need to find a new one for the new space? Which ISPs serve the new building?
  • Do you need a new phone provider? Are you able to get out of your contract or move your current provider to a new building?
  • What is your budget for this move? Unless negotiated prior, Palante treats alll work related to office moves as separate projects outside of monthly maintenance, so it will be billed at your organization's hourly rate. Check in with us if you have concerns!

1-3 months before move

  • Schedule walk-through of new space with Palante.
  • Finalize floor/seating plans. Where are the outlets? Where are the ethernet drops?
  • Locate electrician/AV folks to wire the office if needed, in consultation with Palante. Compare quotes, arrange date for wiring to be done and reviewed before the move date.
  • Decide on movers, gather details on how they handle tech equipment.
  • Decide on ISP and/or phone provider for new office.

1 month before move

  • Finalize move-in date, inform movers, electrician, and Palante if possible.
  • Decide what new equipment is needed. Ask Palante for recommendations!

2-3 weeks before move

  • Finalize break down and set up plan with staff, movers, Palante. E.g. will computers be moved first or last? Will staff pack up their own computers, or will Palante come do breakdown? Remember that the server, WAPs, switches, and other networking equipment need to be powered down and packed as well!
  • Sort through and discard old tech equipment if needed.
  • Order and ensure new equipment will arrive to the new office in time for set up. Keep Palante posted about ETA. Remember that discounted licenses/equipment sometimes take longer to process than market-rate ones.
  • If keeping ISP, call them to plan to switch service before or on the day of the move. If switching ISP, call them to finalize the date by which new service should be installed.

1 week before move

  • Confirm moving day(s) plan with Palante, movers, etc. Let us know what time you'd like us to be on site and if there are parts we should prioritize in order to schedule with other service providers-- e.g. if wi-fi needs to be working before the printer technician can do set up.
  • If ordered, check ETA on new equipment delivery.

Move days

  • Keep us updated as we know move days are hectic and plans are subject to change!

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