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Shared Drop

To share documents of any size with folks at Palante Tech, you can upload them to our shared drop. This is similar to Dropbox or, but more secure and private.

  • Go to
  • Your username is "pt-guest". We will provide you with a one-time use password.
  • Once you've logged in, click on the words "Shared Drop".
  • Upload files and folders by either a) dragging them on to your web browser window, or b) clicking the "+" button and selecting "Upload" (see screenshot).

Palante staff instructions

  • You can reset the password for the "pt-guest" user at the May First control panel.
  • Reset the password before giving these instructions to anyone. Do NOT let files linger here - this is a temporary waypoint.
  • If you have an ongoing need to share files with someone, give them their own account in the control panel.
  • Do not use this for sharing files out - instead use the ownCloud sharing links. This is for incoming files only.

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