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PDF to Image Using PDFcreator

PDFcreator can be downloaded here:
version 1.7.3 is used in this example.

  • After starting installation PDFcreator pops up an installation request for Adaware and a Bing toolbar. This windows can be cancelled safely and the installation will still occur.
  • Next open up the PDF you want to convert in any viewing program such as Adobe Reader.
  • Go to print the PDF. A new printer should be added called PDFCreator.

  • After pressing print a new menu should pop up asking for PDFCreator options. you are welcome to rename things here but the defaults are usually fine.

  • After clicking save you will be brought to a Save as dialogue. here you can change the filetype to jpeg or any other image format desired.

  • the file should now be saved as an image file!

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Also available in: PDF HTML TXT

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