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OwnCloud Administration

User Administration on May First

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Adding/removing users

If your ownCloud host is May First (, user administration must be done through the May First control panel.

To add/remove users from the system, log into with an administrative user. Please contact us if you're not sure which users are administrative users.

To add users, click the "Add Item" button on the top. Fill in the first name/last name/username/password (or random generate password). Creating a user in May First isn't enough to share a document with someone; they also need to log into ownCloud at least once. You may want to log in for the first time for the user.

Changing passwords

The instructions above for adding/removing users can also be used for changing passwords.

Adding/removing administrative users

  • To add a user, note the user's login name on the May First control panels "Users" screen.
  • Click on "Hosting Order Access" in the left navigation menu.
  • To add a user, click the "Add Item" button at the top and enter the user name. To disable or delete someone's administrative access, click the respective link on the same line as their name.

Adding users to groups

To add a user to a group, they must first be in a group you already have "Group Admin" privileges to. For instance, GPP staff would be in a group called "GPP All", and from there they can be added to other groups owned by the GPP user.

To add a user to that first group, you must currently submit a ticket to May First support. Go to, log in using the same username/password you use for ownCloud, and click "New Ticket" at the top. Be sure to include the name of your organization, the group you'd like the users added to, and their exact usernames.

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