Resending lost messages to Redmine

When Redmine goes down, emails sent to Redmine don't get automatically resent.

Messages sent to are both redirected to, but also a copy is kept on the albizu server for 30 days. To resend messages that never made it to maple, one must connect to albizu.

Using Thunderbird (easiest):

Set up an IMAP account for . SMTP/IMAP server is Username is "tickets", password is either in creds, or reset it from the MFPL control panel.
You must have the Mail Redirect extension installed.
Select the messages you want to resend in the mailbox, click "Redirect", and enter the e-mail address of "".

Using mutt

mutt doesn't require any setup, but can only redirect one message at a time. In theory you could speed this along by making a macro in muttrc, but that's beyond what we need IMO.

:set sort = reverse-date-received
1 #go to first message
b #for "bounce", aka redirect
# alternatively, send to if need be

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