Custom Mapping Style

OpenLayers makes it possible to style the data layers of our maps. This could be helpful for visual accuracy of data represented as well as distinguishing between data on separate layers but rendered together on a single map.

To create a new style go to the Styles tab on the OpenLayers administration section. This lists all the existing styles available. Click to Add a new one or Edit an existing one. Give the style a distinguishing administrative name, machine name and description if adding a new one. All the options available have help text below each field which describe what each setting does. A few notes:

  • externalGraphic field can only have one value, so if we're mapping multiple kinds of objects that need a different graphic for representation, those should be aggregated on different layers.
  • pointRadius is the size of the rendered graphic, relative to it's original size. Accept the default first, check the rendering of the graphic on the rendered map and then increase or decrease if needed.
  • fillOpacity and strokeOpacity is valued 0-1, analogous to a percentage transparency setting.

The best course when first creating styles is trial and error to get familiar with each option.

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