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Introduction to ownCloud

Hi there,

I've set up an account for you on ownCloud. ownCloud is similar to Dropbox or Google Drive, which we don't use out of a concern for keeping our clients' data private and secure. Our ownCloud is maintained by May First/People Link, an organization with a strong history of defending the privacy of its members' online data.

To log in, go here:

Your username is: <username>
Your password is: <password>

We very strongly recommend changing this password before your first use. To do so, please go to:

Please upload documents to me by clicking on the <shared folder> folder, then dragging the files onto your web browser. I may also ask you to download files from the same location. If you have sensitive data (such as a password or client data) please do not send it via e-mail; please upload it via ownCloud, then notify me via e-mail.

<client specific instructions here, including which folder to download/upload into>

Use the same username and password as above. The first screen after login will allow you to change your password.


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