Want to learn

Technical skills

  • Civi custom fields
  • View
  • bash tricks
  • git tricks
  • intro to object oriented programming
  • advanced git
  • Wordpress
  • Backdrop Configuration Management
  • Wordpress plugins and security
  • Making and editing Mattermost bots
  • Backdrop configuration management (it's been a super duper long time since I've done extensive Backdrop work and I think this information has left my brain and/or is covered in cobwebs)
  • Advanced git
  • How to build a map (I assume that means Leaflet?)
  • Intro to JavaScript & JS frameworks that folks are using in their Palante work
  • Anything WordPress
  • CiviCRM logs
  • CiviCRM data structure
  • intro to object oriented programming (still don't understand what that is vs what I do when working with Drupal and Backdrop code)
  • bash/zsh tricks (can never get enough/slowly absorb them after repeated exposure)
  • the vim tricks people use most because i constantly forget
  • zsh overview again
  • Puppet (so I get what it's doing to our servers better and know how/how not to do things on Puppet-managed servers)
  • Advanced git
  • The WP stuff that Kristin broke down
  • Civi custom fields/data structure

Cooperative skills

  • bookkeeping /payroll
  • Budgeting/profit and loss statements (primarily the mechanics of getting the data out of our systems!)
  • Interviewing dos and don'ts
  • facilitation styles, remote meeting activities/ideas

Workflow skills
  • systems/tips/tricks for staying on track when working remotely/solo
  • email processing processes

Already know

  • backupninja, backups in general, borg or ibackup in particular
  • icinga2 once it's ready
  • ptr once it's ready for non tech team use
  • Baby object oriented programming
  • Puppet
  • Systemd
  • Advanced gitlab
  • give the Zsh one again
  • Intro to Linode api4/cli
Get to know WordPress more intimately skillshare series.
  • the best plugins
  • wordpress monitoring
  • civicrm + wordpress
  • common problems and troubleshooting
  • wp-cli
  • Locking down WordPress
  • Civi custom fields/data structure
  • CiviCRM logs and logging
  • Using CiviCRM's github and
  • Interviewing dos and don'ts
  • Budgeting/profit and loss statements
  • How to build a view
  • How to build a map
  • How to create custom map styles
  • Fun jQuery effects and plugins
  • Backdrop configuration management
  • Intro to intermediate git/how I use git on Palante projects
  • Intro to advanced Views (Backdrop & Drupal)
  • systems/tips/tricks for staying on track when working remotely/solo
  • email processing processes

Scheduled Skillshares

date skill facilitator wiki page ticket
04/16/19 Gitlab Jessie #45822-26

Old Skillshares

skill facilitator wiki page ticket
Grassroots Fundraising in 5 minutes Jon Grassroots Fundraising #15124
File Permissions Jon [[pt:File_Permission_Skillshare]]
nmap Roo nmap skillshare
HTTP Jon HTTP Skillshare
icinga Jamila Icinga Skillshare [[pt:Icinga_skillshare]] #14883,#25218
vundle/antigen/NERDtree Jessie #17215
Vagrant Jon Vagrant Notes
Palante Monitoring Module Jon Palante Monitoring #18487
drush site aliases Jon drush site aliases
gitlab Jessie #37135
nginx Jessie nginx #40449
Hours Worked chart Jessie #37600
git Benjamin [[pt:git]]
Ansible Jessie #29892
Drupal8 Jack #25655
zsh Jon #25216
pipes and streams Jon #7705

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