skill facilitator audience date notes link
git rebasing Joseph Jack, Jon and Nina 07/22/14 There's lot to cover with git. Rebasing seems like a good intermediate place to start.
nmap Roo all 08/05/14 nmap skillshare
Drupal WYSIWYG/content authoring Jack Nina, Jon and Joseph 08/19/14 Requested by Jon; focus on the newer, D8-backported stuff
HTTP Jon, ? 8/26/14 HTTP Skillshare
icinga Jamila all 09/09/14 Icinga Skillshare
zsh Jon or Jessie all
vundle/antigen/NERDtree Jessie all 2/4/15 #17215
panels, contexts Jack or Nina Jon and Joseph
intermediate SQL queries (JOINS, UPDATE queries using a SELECT, etc.) Jon or Joseph all
MySQL administration (Finding slow queries, etc.) Jon or Joseph all
MVC Jon Jack, Joseph and Nina
wrapper functions Jon or Joseph all
Drupal best practices Jack or Nina Jon and Joseph
intro to object oriented programming Libkuman Jack, Jon, Joseph and Nina This one needs further breakdown.
Monkeysphere dkg all We could discuss the conceptual and political basis for it first and then a few administrative basics.
bash tricks
vim tricks
nessus all
Amazon AWS Jon
Grassroots Fundraising in 5 minutes Jon Grassroots Fundraising
Vagrant Jon all? Vagrant Notes
Palante Monitoring Module Jon Roo, Jack, Jessie? Palante Monitoring
drush site aliases Jon Everyone (but Jessie?) drush site aliases
nginx Jessie Everyone nginx

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