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h1. Intro to G Suite - Borealis 

 We've created a Google account for you, which includes a suite of different tools including:  
 * Gmail 
 * Calendar 
 * Google Drive  

 h2. Gmail 

 Your email can be accessed here: 

 Google has created a [pretty comprehensive guide]( to Gmail's web functionality. We'll be walking through these parts in the webinar.  

 * Create and send email: 
 * Organizing your inbox: 

 Google also has a [guide to its web interface that is specific to former Outlook users.]( that you can consult if you're looking to replicate certain Outlook functionality.  

 h2. Google Calendar 

 Your calendars can be accessed here: 

 Google's made [this comprehensive guide]( to Calendars. We'll be walking through these parts in the webinar.  

 * Schedule events: 
 * Share and view calendars: 

 There are [some differences]( between Outlook and Google Calendars.  

 h2. Google Drive  

 You can access your Google Drive here: 

 Google's [guide to Google Drive is here.]( We'll be walking through these parts of it in the webinar.  
 * Creating and editing files: 
 * Sharing files and folders, transferring ownership: 
 * Uploading files: 

 h3. Setting up Google Drive Filestream 
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