Introduction to G Suite

Welcome to G Suite! We've created a Google account for you, which includes a suite of different tools including:
  • Gmail
  • Calendar
  • Google Drive

Your organization now manages all users and information under accounts ending with <yourdomainname>.org. You can login and view your account information at:


Your email can be accessed here:

Google has created a pretty comprehensive guide to Gmail's web functionality. We'll be walking through these parts in the webinar.

Google also has a guide to its web interface that is specific to former Outlook users. that you can consult if you're looking to replicate certain Outlook functionality in the web interface.

Google Calendar

Your calendars can be accessed here:

Google's made this comprehensive guide to Calendars. We'll be walking through these parts in the webinar.

There are some differences between Outlook and Google Calendars.

Google Drive

You can access your Google Drive here:

Google's guide to Google Drive is here. We'll be walking through these parts of it in the webinar.

Setting up Google Drive Filestream

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