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Jon Goldberg, 10/01/2013 05:11 PM

1 1 Jamila Khan
h1. Conflict Resolution Sheet template
This Conflict Resolution Sheet is based upon work of "AORTA": and "The Icarus Project": Our collective is going to start using this as a tool to help us deal with conflicts and have better communication. Each member fills out this sheet, and we store that information in our online documentation, enabling us to start conversations about difficult issues in ways that work better for us as individuals.
h2. Some good ways to communicate with me about a conflict include:
7 3 Jon Goldberg
Chatting is best when possible.  I appreciate knowing at the very beginning of a conversation whether an issue is a big or small one.
8 2 Jamila Khan
9 1 Jamila Khan
h2. Some bad ways to communicate with me about a conflict include:
10 2 Jamila Khan
11 4 Jon Goldberg
Not being passive-aggressive or otherwise being hurtful any more than is implicit in a situation.
12 2 Jamila Khan
13 1 Jamila Khan
h2. Some ways that I behave when I am having trouble with conflict include:
14 2 Jamila Khan
15 5 Jon Goldberg
Being hyperlogical, getting caught up in minutiae - though to be real, these are true all the time.
16 2 Jamila Khan
17 1 Jamila Khan
h2. When I am having trouble with conflict some positive things that I can do for myself include:
18 2 Jamila Khan
19 1 Jamila Khan
(ex. take time away from the issue, take a walk, eat or drink)
21 2 Jamila Khan
22 1 Jamila Khan
h2. When other people notice me having trouble with conflict, some positive things that they can do to support me include:
23 2 Jamila Khan
24 1 Jamila Khan
(ex. break down the issue into smaller parts, use formal consensus process, propose putting off making a decision)
26 2 Jamila Khan
27 1 Jamila Khan
h2. Ways in which I am good at supporting others in dealing with a conflict include:
28 2 Jamila Khan
29 1 Jamila Khan
(ex. phone calls, taking a walk, talking someone down)
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