Statement on Union Solidarity

Palante stands in solidarity with non-profit employees unionizing across the country, exercising their right to collectively bargain for better wages, benefits, and working conditions. As a democratic, worker-owned cooperative that serves non-profit and community organizations advancing social justice, we believe that the internal structures of our movements and organizations should model the liberated world we are trying to build. Unions are critical to protecting worker dignity and power in a sector where workers who do the life-sustaining work of community outreach and support on the ground are often compensated with the lowest wages and meager benefits. Unions help equalize the power relationship between employers and employees, giving workers leverage to demand greater organizational transparency and recourse in cases of impunity. We believe that unionization, a right guaranteed by law, builds more equitable organizations and ultimately stronger movements.

Palante reserves the right to terminate our contracts with any of our clients if we discover the use of union-busting tactics by management. We stand beside workers who strive to hold non-profit organizations accountable and to transform their workplaces for the better.

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