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Shared folders for migration

You should now have a folder named "civicrm" shared with you via ownCloud. ownCloud is software similar to Dropbox or, but it's open source software - so we're able to store our files on privacy-conscious secure hosting. You can access them either through the web or by installing the ownCloud client. Most likely, you'll want to use the web interface.

Inside your shared folder "civicrm" will be four (or more) subfolders. The most important folders are:
  • raw data. If I ask you for source data (e.g. Excel spreadsheets, database dumps), please put them here. I may rename the files you give me - if you are replacing a file I already have, please try to rename it appropriately.
  • errors. I will run cleanup scripts that will automatically dump your data into your "errors" folder. If you are handling part of the data cleanup process, I will ask you to review the files in here frequently!

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