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Jon Goldberg, 04/09/2015 04:18 PM

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h1. Maintenance plan changelog
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h3. Upcoming version!
* v1.3, TBD: Extend on-call hours (was until 6pm Eastern, now until 8pm Eastern); addition of an optional support rider; clarifying language regarding Wordpress installations; Added new monitoring services for CiviCRM and/or Drupal sites; Clarified that emergency maintenance is free for support *(or all? TBD)* clients; Added that support contracts are not charged Rush Work rates for most types of rush work; Paragraph 1.f: Clarified that the "no multi-site" clause applies to Drupal only, multi-site CiviCRM is OK.
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* v1.2, 2/9/15: 1.d: Corrected reference to paragraph 1.d to 1.c; Paragraph 4: Added reference to Wordpress; Paragraph 16.a: Updated to indicate to only include services relevant to the specific contract.
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* v1.1, 1/29/15: Combined CiviCRM and Drupal maintenance contracts into a single document.  Added "Amendments" clause, establishing the availability of a legally binding updated version of the contract online and the establishment of this changelog.
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