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h1. Maintenance plan changelog

* v1.12 9/6/18: Removed line from CiviCRM paragraph about CMS maintenance; CMS maintenance is applied to all contracts for clients whose CMS we maintain alongside their CRM.
v1.11 8/30/18: Added language to limitation of liability.
* v1.7, 3/7/17: Edited 9.2: revised Drupal security updates policy to reflect current practice; updated 15 to include installation and auto-renewal of SSL certs; 7.f: more coverage for CIviCRM failures; 7.g: add note about our use of palante_monitoring
* v1.6, 8/8/16 Added Wordpress requirements to template.
* v1.5, 12/16/15: Added 4.b: "a security reset to ensure that only authorized users have access to the CMS and server (e.g. removing public keys, resetting passwords, disabling root access)"
* v1.4, 11/17/15: Added 9.f: "Site modifications predating this agreement, or established by parties other than Consultants, which in any way interrupt or hinder site updates, will not be covered by this agreement and will be addressed on an ad-hoc basis as Additional Support. This applies to both the initial round of Drupal updates included in the Initial Setup item above and ongoing updates throughout the duration of this agreement."
* v1.3, 4/6/15: Extend on-call hours (was until 6pm Eastern, now until 8pm Eastern); addition of an optional support rider; clarifying language regarding Wordpress installations; Added new monitoring services for CiviCRM and/or Drupal sites; Clarified that emergency maintenance is free for support *(or all? TBD)* clients; Added that support contracts are not charged Rush Work rates for most types of rush work; Paragraph 1.f: Clarified that the "no multi-site" clause applies to Drupal only, multi-site CiviCRM is OK.
* v1.2, 2/9/15: 1.d: Corrected reference to paragraph 1.d to 1.c; Paragraph 4: Added reference to Wordpress; Paragraph 16.a: Updated to indicate to only include services relevant to the specific contract.
* v1.1, 1/29/15: Combined CiviCRM and Drupal maintenance contracts into a single document. Added "Amendments" clause, establishing the availability of a legally binding updated version of the contract online and the establishment of this changelog.
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