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 h1. Installing Drush for working with Drupal 6-8 and Backdrop 

 An important note: we no longer need to install any version of Drush except Drush 8, since that now supports "Drupal 6, 7, <8.3 _and_ Backdrop.": 

 h2. Installing and updating Drush 8 for all users 

 I've followed the "Install a global Drush via Composer" instructions under in the "Drush 8 alternative installation documentation.": 

 Since running @composer install@ as root is a "security risk":, you can use commands like these to install Drush in your home directory first, then move it to a globally-accessible location using @sudo@: 

 cd ~ 
 COMPOSER_HOME=$HOME/drush COMPOSER_VENDOR_DIR=$HOME/drush/8 composer require drush/drush:8.3.1 
 cd ~/drush/8/drush/drush 
 composer install 
 cd ~ 
 sudo mv ~/drush /opt/ 
 sudo chown -R root: /opt/drush 
 sudo ln -s /opt/drush/8/drush/drush/drush /usr/local/bin/drush 

 If you _must_ run @composer install@ and the other commands above as root, e.g. if that's the only user we have access to on the server, you can do so by changing the @COMPOSER_HOME@ path to @/opt/drush@ and @COMPOSER_VENDOR_DIR@ paths to @/opt/drush/8@ @/opt/drush@ and adjusting the other commands above accordingly. @/opt/drush/8@, respectively. 

 Replace "8.3.1" (last updated in this documentation on 11/4/19) with the tag of the most recent stable 8.x release (see 

 Use the same commands with a new version number to update Drush as needed. 

 h2. Install Drush on May First/People Link (MFPL) and other shared hosting environments 

 Primarily drawn from "this MFPL ticket;": thanks Ivan! 

 First, install Composer following "these instructions": 

 Then to install Drush: 

 echo 'export PATH="$HOME/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bashrc 
 source ~/.bashrc 
 cd ~/<>/bin 
 php composer.phar global require drush/drush:8.2.3 
 which drush 

 Note that sometimes @cgi-bin@ is present on MF/PL sites instead of @bin@. 

 If using Drush aliases, you may need to specify the new Drush installation in the shared @aliases.drushrc.php@ file or a local aliases file. Here's an example: 

 $aliases['organization'] = array( 
   'remote-host' => '', 
   'remote-user' => 'organization', 
   'root' => '/home/members/organization/sites/', 
   'uri' => '', 
   'path-aliases' => array( 
     '%drush-script' => '/home/members/organization/sites/', 
     '%dump-dir' => '~/drush-backups', 
     '%files' => '/home/members/organization/sites/',), 

 h2. Install and update Drush Backdrop commands 

 In order for Drush to work with Backdrop, you must install the "Drush Backdrop commands": within the Drush 8 installation itself. 

 Assuming that Drush 8 is installed in @/opt/drush/8/drush/drush@, as specified above: 

 sudo git clone /opt/drush/8/drush/drush/commands/backdrop 

 To update Drush Backdrop commands installed like this: 

 cd /opt/drush/8/drush/drush/commands/backdrop 
 sudo git pull origin 
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