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Jamila Khan, 06/25/2015 04:54 PM
Updating to version 1.2, details in Palante Ticket #19749

IT Managed Service changelog

  • v1.2, 6/25/15:
    • Removed section 5i. The environment must have a router that can be monitored, administered remotely, and support NetFlow/rFlow.
    • Removed Appendix B, Networks row 3: Monitor DSU/TSU, switches, hubs and internet connectivity, and make sure everything is operational (available for SNMP manageable devices only)
    • Added section 5k. All Servers, Desktop PC’s and Notebooks/Laptops must have currently licensed, up to date and Vendor or developer Supported remote access software, allowing Consultants access.
  • v1.1, 2/16/15: First online version.

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