Drupal 8 and Backdrop Module Matrix

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This table is a list of Drupal 7 modules that Palante commonly uses in building client sites, accompanied by their current status in Drupal 8 and Backdrop.

Module Backdrop status Backdrop version D8 status D8 version
adaptivetheme unported unported pre-release dev
addanother ported full unported none
admin_views core n/a core n/a
auto_entitylabel pre-release full in progress dev
auto_nodetitle ported full in progress none
backup_migrate ported full in progress dev
better_formats ported full in progress dev
breakpoints unported n/a core n/a
calendar in progress dev in progress dev
civicrm in progress beta in progress beta
ckeditor_link unported n/a unported none
coffee ported full pre-release beta
comment_notify ported full in progress dev
ctools core n/a core & in progress* dev
date core n/a core n/a
devel ported full pre-release dev
diff unported none pre-release alpha
domain unported n/a in progress dev
entity core n/a core & in progress alpha
features unported none pre-release beta
google_analytics ported full ported full
honeypot ported full ported full
i18n in progress dev core n/a
imagefield_crop unported none unported none
imce ported full ported full
imce_filefield unported* none unported* none
imce_mkdir unported none unported n/a
imce_wysiwyg core n/a unported n/a
libraries ported full in progress dev
login_destination ported full unported n/a
logintoboggan ported full unported n/a
messaging unported none unported* none
metatag unported* none pre-release beta
nagios unported none pre-release dev
navbar core n/a core n/a
notifications unported n/a unported* none
og unported n/a in progress none
omega unported unported pre-release alpha
pathauto core full pre-release alpha
panels core (layouts) n/a pre-release beta
panels_breadcrumbs unported none unported none
picture unported none core n/a
piwik unported n/a ported full
radix_layouts in progress* dev pre-release rc
redirect ported full pre-release alpha
responsive_menus ported full in progress none
rules in progress dev pre-release alpha
search_api unported n/a pre-release alpha
search404 ported full pre-release alpha
service_links unported n/a unported none
sharethis ported full pre-release beta
spamspan unported* none pre-release dev
stage_file_proxy unported n/a in progress dev
strongarm core n/a core n/a
styleguide ported dev unported n/a
submitted_by ported dev unported n/a
token in progress dev pre-release alpha
total_control unported none unported none
views core n/a core n/a
views_bulk_operations* unported n/a in progress none
webform ported full in progress* none
webform_civicrm unported none planned none
wysiwyg core n/a core n/a
wysiwyg_mediaembed unported* none unported none


  • ctools and entity are mostly in core in D8.
  • messaging and notifications - D8 alternative available, Courier in beta for D8
  • imce_filefield - support for file fields might now be built into IMCE itself? Definitely working in Backdrop already! (If it was working in Backdrop at some point, it isn't anymore!)
  • metatag - Backdrop alternative available, Base Meta Tags, full release
  • radix_layouts - a number of Radix/Bootstrap layouts are now included in Backdrop core as of v1.4.
  • spamspan - Invisimail is a probable Backdrop alternative.
  • views_bulk_operations - Some, but not all, user and content bulk operations seem to be in core in both Backdrop and D8. The D8 contrib module says it fills in missing functionality.
  • webform - There's some preliminary code out there, but it looks like no one has really shown up to claim responsibility for the project. See this issue for more.
  • wysiwyg_mediaembed - possible Backdrop alternatives include YouTube Field, Video Filter and Video Embed Field

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