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 Welcome to the Palante Technology Cooperative commons. 

 As part of our commitment to transparency and open source principles, we try to make our internal documentation available publicly.    We hope that this assists others who may be starting their own cooperatives, looking for best practices on web development, and more. 

 *To contact us:* You can reach us by phone or e-mail from here: 

 h2. Cooperative documents 

 [[Certificate of Incorporation]] 
 [[Conflict Resolution Sheet template]] 
 [[Grievance Policy]] 
 [[Worker Evaluation Questionnaire]] 

 h2. User documentation 

 [[How to set up Microsoft 365]] 
 [[How to Enable Private Browsing]] 
 [[Choosing a webhost]] 

 h2. Technical Documentation 

 [[Development environment]] 

 h2. [[CiviCRM]] 

 [[CiviCRM user story examples]] 
 [[Prefix/Suffix Mapping]] 


 h2. [[Client Contracts]] 

 [[Latest maintenance plan contract]] 
 [[Maintenance plan changelog]]
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