Updated about 2 years ago by Jamila Khan

Debian 9 to 10

Update sources list

check which sources exist that point to stretch

cd /etc/apt
grep -nr stretch .

Edit the main list, and any others that come up

vim /etc/apt/sources.list

Upgrade the system

Check for Necessary Disk Space

apt-get -o APT::Get::Trivial-Only=true dist-upgrade

Update the sources

apt-get update

Minimal Upgrade

 apt-get upgrade

Full Upgrade

apt-get dist-upgrade

Upgrade MySQL databases (if MySQL/MariaDB installed)


Check that things are up

Check what packages were removed

Common problems


mysql backup checking

Newest version of mariadb doesn't have separate databases for information schema or performance schema, so remove the old backups of those.

cd /var/backups/mysql/sqldump
rm information_schema.sql.gz
rm performance_schema.sql.gz


Need to re-replace the backupninja binary in /usr/sbin/backupninja https://redmine.palantetech.coop/projects/pt/wiki/Icinga2#Backupninja-monitoring

bang check

If using a script to check bang via wp, make sure the script uses the full path to /usr/local/bin/wp